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Give Miami Day 2018

Friends,  Thursday November 15th, is Give Miami Day – South Florida’s biggest annual day for charitable giving.Friends of the Everglades has been active this year on a number of issues ranging from the planning of the southern reservoir to the failed cooling canal system at Turkey Point to the expansion of State Road 836 past the Urban Development Boundary, and we’re counting on your support to continue this work in 2019!  Please consider donating during Give Miami Day, where for 24 hours every donation will have a chance to be matched by the Miami Foundation! You can donate by clicking here. For more information on the work we’re doing, you can visit us on Facebook, on www.everglades.org, or read more in [...]

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Now it’s up to congress… and you. (From Bullsugar)

It’s official: Congress has the legislation needed to cut off the flow of nutrient pollution and toxic blooms to our coasts. With your help, it can become law. Here's what you need to know:What the legislation is and does: Called the Stop Harmful Discharges Act, HR 6700 was filed by Rep. Brian Mast on Tuesday. This bill proposes one simple change to our water management policy: Put people first. Human health and safety is not a priority in our water system today. The danger of discharging toxic blooms and the nutrients to feed them into our communities is a non-issue in the Army Corps’ management of Lake Okeechobee. Worse, the agency’s claims that it protects people in the Glades from a dike failure are false: [...]

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Nathaniel Reed (From eye on miami)

Nathaniel Reed, a champion of Florida's environment, passed away after an accident while fishing for salmon on a river in Canada. He was 84 and had lived a full and purpose-driven life. I met Nathaniel in 1988 in Key West. We shared a love of fishing, and he was a mentor in advocacy for protecting Florida Bay and the Everglades. Nathaniel was an idealist whose ideals were tempered by pragmatism. He was friend and, as a result of a long career in public service -- both in state and federal government appointed positions -- a unique one. Our fishing was in Florida Bay with a guide, poling a narrow draft skiff to catch and release bonefish, permit and tarpon; species [...]

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Sugar Reform Vote Just Became National News (From Bullsugar)

Welcome to the sugar policy awakening of 2018! Today's vote in the House means more than just refining an old government program. Not long ago few people paid attention to this giveaway tucked inside the Farm Bill. Today, with a chance to take a closer look at the program’s impact on the economy and the Everglades, people are suddenly making the connection: we’re paying billions to fund political influence and destroy three legendary estuaries and a National Park.  This afternoon the House of Representatives has a chance to vote on the Sugar Policy Modernization Act, a set of minor adjustments to make the US Sugar Program more fair to taxpayers. It’s the kind of reform effort that flew under the radar [...]

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Ask the Planning Advisory Board to “Hold the Line” Monday, April 9th!

Friends,   Your help is urgently needed today with phone calls or emails on yet another critical issue. I know I sent out a request last night asking for your help on the JPA between the county and FP&L but, the hits, they just keep on coming. “Hold the Line”, a cause that has been championed for years, to protect critical wetlands bordering the Everglades from development and preserve the off-moved Urban Development Boundary from violation, is being challenged by a proposal to construct a toll-road expansion. Twice in the past, we have spoken out and defeated the proposed expansion of the 836 Expressway out toward the Everglades and then down south to around SW 136 Street near Miami Executive [...]

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49th Annual Meeting With Honored Speaker Senator Jose Javier Rodriguez

It is our pleasure to invite you to the Friends of the Everglades 49th Annual Meeting Sunday, April 22th, 2018.           Annual Meeting Invitation             DATE: Sunday, April 22, 20 TIME: 2 - 4 pm Free admittance to Earth Day Festival at Pinecrest Gardens, noon to 4 pm LOCATION: Pinecrest Gardens/Historic Entrance 11000 Red Road Pinecrest, FL 33156 Senator Jose Javier Rodriguez will be our guest speaker for the event. Friends of the Everglades will be awarding 'The Marjory Stoneman Douglas Defender of the Everglades' Award to Senator Rodriguez at the meeting. He will be giving a presentation on his campaign #ActOnClimateFL addressing environmental issues affecting South Florida, followed by a brief Q&A session. Join us! José Javier Rodríguez was elected in 2016 as State [...]

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Are We For or Against the Everglades Reservoir? (From Bullsugar)

So are we for the EAA reservoir, or aren’t we? This question, swirling around Everglades policy circles all winter, touched off a string of debate-club arguments that left everyone confused and divided. Which is exactly what it was supposed to do.It’s a dishonest question, asked mostly by people who don’t really care whether the reservoir delivers meaningful relief to the Everglades or the impacted fisheries. If you do care, you can’t answer yes or no without knowing what we're getting: how much clean water will go to Florida Bay, how much dirty water will be kept out of the Caloosahatchee and St. Lucie? No one really knows. But if the reservoir can deliver the performance engineers at the South Florida Water Management District say it [...]

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Scientists Grade the Everglades Reservoir Plan an F (From Bullsugar)

It doesn’t work. The first scientific evaluations of Florida’s EAA reservoir plan were publicly released last week, and the findings are bleak: it can’t operate at full capacity without violating pollution standards. But it wouldn’t take much to fix it.The Everglades Foundation’s science team--one of only two organizations outside the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) with the expertise and technology to model the reservoir plan--spelled it out clearly. The state’s design can’t clean enough water to cut discharges or boost flows to the Everglades. The plan unravelled when the science team took a hard look at the assumptions behind the project’s estimated phosphorus reduction--the key to meeting federal clean water standards. It turns out the estimates aren’t credible. That’s the same conclusion reached [...]

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What Did Sugar’s Record Year Cost Us? (From Bullsugar)

Florida’s sugar industry just posted one of the best years in its history, even as the Everglades and virtually everyone in South Florida suffered one of the worst. It’s not a coincidence. Managing water in Florida means picking winners and losers. When there’s a drought, losers go thirsty. When it rains, losers drown. In 38 years of public records, sugar has yet to lose.  The Everglades lost on both sides in 2017. Barely a trickle flowed south into Everglades National Park and Florida Bay for the first five months of the year. River mouths dried up, brackish estuaries became saltier than the ocean, seagrass meadows collapsed. Guides reported miles of lifeless, stinking water where some of the most productive shallow fisheries [...]

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EAA Reservoir Update: Do Not Give Up on Florida’s Waterways (From Bullsugar)

Do not give up on Florida’s waterways. Hundreds of the world’s top Everglades scientists, policy experts, and engineers met this weekend to trade information and build consensus on how to keep Everglades restoration moving forward.As you’d expect with the ink barely dry on SFWMD’s Everglades Agricultural Area Reservoir report to the legislature, the plan to revitalize South Florida’s estuaries dominated the discussion. Here are three telling points from the podium: It was encouraging to hear Senate President Joe Negron talk optimistically while saying in no uncertain terms that the district hasn’t used the tools lawmakers gave them to get Florida taxpayers the best possible plan, to get the most possible reduction of discharges into our rivers and the most possible [...]

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