Hold the Line

Sign on to tell our commissioners to not extend the Urban Development Boundary into the Everglades!

The Urban Development Boundary (UDB) is the most effective zoning tool in Dade County Comprehensive Development Master Plan (CDMP) that restricts high density and industrial uses in the western and southern portions that lie outside of the developed urban county.

Moving the UDB will only encourage development on sensitive low lying areas when we need to protect our communities from flood and sea level rise. Most importantly, the UDB protects our water supply, our local food supply, the Everglades and our livelihood. The boundary serves as a greenway belt separating Miami Dade from the Everglades through farms, low density housing and wetlands. It also allows us to concentrate our tax dollars on infrastructure within the already developed portions of our community.

Miami Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez and the Miami Dade Expressway Authority (MDX) want to extend the SR836 outside the UDB, a roughly 15-mile extension of the Dolphin Expressway into the Kendall area would take the highway past the County’s Urban Development Boundary, crossing through suburban neighborhoods, as well as farms, wetlands and other rural areas. To approve the project, Miami Dade would need to rewrite current growth rules, which prohibits this kind of massive highway project outside the urban boundary.

Take a pledge today and join The Hold the Line Coalition, a collective group of businesses, individuals and environmental and transit groups working together to ensure South Florida remains sustainable by protecting the rural and natural resources and the few remaining green spaces and agricultural resources to the west of the UDB and by endorsing smart growth and infill redevelopment projects within the already developed parts of Dade County.

By signing this pledge today, I ask the mayor and county Commission to solve the traffic problems by investing heavily in public transit within the core of our city and investing in infill and redevelopment projects that mirror the results of the seven50 planning project. Not in roads and bus rapid transit projects to nowhere that will perpetuate sprawl and reduce the value of my investments within Miami Dade.

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