Your moment of Everglades Zen: Everglades Photographer Spotlight

We know the bad-news reel gets old. It’s good to stop and remember what we’re working so hard to protect. Here’s your dose of Everglades zen. Meet Robert Krayer Robert Krayer, better known as @natural_wanders, is a self-described amateur photographer based out of Tampa, Florida, chronicling all the places that he visits on his days off. His shots, often starring the Everglades, capture stunning moments that never fail to awe and inspire us. He took the shot above in early December, 2020, at Long Pine Key in Everglades National Park. As a Florida native, Robert describes the Everglades region as one of the few places in the state where the stars and Milky Way are truly on display. "I really enjoy astrophotography and [...]

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VIDEO RECORDING: Virtual Meet & Greet with Clyde Butcher

There's truly nothing like seeing the Everglades through the eyes of renowned photographer, Clyde Butcher. Thanks to all of you who joined us for an inspiring and lively virtual discussion today. If you missed it, you can catch a replay of yesterday's conversation below. Reminder that Butcher’s "America's Everglades" exhibit is on display now through March 13 at the Arts Council’s Court House Cultural Center in Stuart. We’re offering after-hours access to the exhibit to our Marjory’s Circle members. Email to book a private visit to see the exhibit or to find out more about Marjory's Circle.

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Your moment of Everglades Zen: The other pink Florida bird

We know the bad-news reel gets old. It's good to stop and remember what we're working so hard to protect. Here's your dose of Everglades zen. Coming in Hot November to March, keep your eyes peeled for the pink and gold that signals peak breeding season in the Everglades for this particularly eye-catching species. On a background more well-known for its greens, browns, and blues, the bizarre pop of pink that is the Rooseate Spoonbill may seem out of place, but these wading birds are just as much at home here as the others. Scientists look to the number of wading birds as an indicator of the overall health of the ecosystem. High water levels in the 2019-2020 nesting season were bad news for the Rosies in Florida Bay [...]

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