Your Chance to Make a Difference —

Marjory Stoneman Douglas was one of the most remarkable individuals in environmental history. Her seminal book “River of Grass” transformed the world’s view of the Everglades from swampy wasteland to national treasure, and she sounded the alarm to threats facing the Everglades long before they were widely understood. Marjory was a journalist and activist who devoted her life’s work to the idea that America’s Everglades were a litmus test for our planet, and she mobilized the public when she founded Friends of the Everglades in 1969.

Today, Friends of the Everglades stands as the single best hope for creating the change Marjory envisioned through advocacy, scientific research and litigation. With Florida’s water quality degraded by pollutants and harmful algal blooms – as we face added risks from sprawling development and climate change – we need bold supporters like you to continue the work Marjory started.

At this critical time, Friends of the Everglades invites you to follow Marjory’s lead. Help advance our mission to preserve, protect, and restore the only Everglades in the world by becoming a member of our new alliance of donors: Marjory’s Circle. By contributing a minimum of $1,200 annually, you will help sustain Marjory’s legacy and ensure its continued role in preserving the future of our River of Grass and its connected waterways.