Almost half a million acres of sugarcane are burned for harvest every year in the fields around the Glades. The current burn protections by the state of Florida fall short of safeguarding residents living in and around the Everglades Agricultural Area, leaving communities vulnerable to air pollution, health risks, and economic stress. The following resources help track the latest information on this issue and the ways you can help us put an end to this environmental injustice.

        • WATCH our new short video series, “The Last Burn Season,” below
        • Tell Congress to end damaging sugar protections in the Farm Bill. Add your name.
        • Sugarcane burning news: Keep up with all the latest information as Friends of the Everglades fights to ensure greater protections for residents impacted by sugarcane burning:
        • Stop the Burn Campaign: Our friends at Sierra Club have created a movement led by community leaders and residents directly impacted by sugarcane burning to shine a national spotlight on this regional issue. Keep up with their efforts here:
        • Action alerts: At Friends of the Everglades, we’ll keep you on top of news as it happens and offer action items if and when we need public comment and support through our Latest news tab on

New Video Series — The Last Burn Season

Sugarcane burning leaves communities vulnerable to air pollution, health risks and economic stress. It’s time to forge a meaningful path to a long-overdue solution. Make this the Last Burn Season. Watch the video series as they debut here.

Sign the petition to tell Congress to stop subsidizing the sugar industry’s abuses. We need Sugar Reform Now!