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Sugar Reform Now petition.

Private sugar companies get enormous government handouts via the Farm Bill — to the detriment of clean air and water in Florida. Sign our petition and tell Congress to stop this cycle of abuse.

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Fighting Toxic Lake Okeechobee Discharges

Find quick-access resources to help you track existing harmful algae blooms and the risk of toxic discharges from Lake Okeechobee.

Scientific Report —

The case for improving the EAA Reservoir.

We hired a wetlands expert to examine the projects effectiveness and articulated 20 concerns to the Army Corps of Engineers.

Environmental Justice —

Sugarcane Burning

Pre-harvest sugarcane burning imposes air pollution, health risks, and economic stress on vulnerable residents. Impacted communities deserve real protection.

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Stop the Pollution of the Everglades with Methyl-Mercury

The fish swimming in our Everglades are poisoned with toxic mercury. The only way to fix this is to regulate runoff from the Everglades Agricultural Area.

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Hold the Line!

Sign on to tell our commissioners to not extend the Urban Development Boundary into the Everglades!

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Climate Action

Climate change has changed Florida permanently and irreversibly. Friends of the Everglades advocates on behalf of one of the most climate-vulnerable ecosystems in Florida and across the globe. We are on the front lines of advocacy to address climate impacts.