Friends of the Everglades 2023 Impact Report

Two core values guide our work at Friends of the Everglades: integrity and impact. Since our founding in 1969 by Marjory Stoneman Douglas, these principles have served as our moral compass as we advance our mission to preserve, protect, and restore the only Everglades in the world. That work started with our first campaign, to kill the Everglades Jetport (we won!), and we continue today across the Greater Everglades ecosystem.  Today, we’re proud to share our 2023 Impact Report, with the grateful recognition that YOU powered this important work. If you have donated recently, we thank you for helping us achieve these results. If it’s been a while, we invite you to make a contribution today — knowing Florida’s [...]

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Keep more water in the EAA to relieve Central Everglades flooding

https://youtu.be/sVux33ABx9I?si=MnMdKPGJbirWPObj Rising water in the Central Everglades has recently inundated tree islands, overwhelming the wildlife that depends on them and prompting many in the Glades community to call on state and federal water managers to reopen closed water control structures to provide relief. But there's something else that could be done to alleviate the flooding that isn't being talked about enough. Friends of the Everglades policy director Gil Smart breaks it down in a short video here. Our friends at VoteWater take a deeper look at what's happening in the Glades, and what the sugar industry could be doing to help fix the problem. Read their latest Deep Dive below. US Highway 27 borders the Everglades at WCA [...]

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Support Friends of the Everglades this Give Miami Day!

Since our founding by Marjory Stoneman Douglas in 1969, Friends of the Everglades has worked relentlessly to protect the water, wildlife and green spaces that make South Florida unique. We’ve scored some big wins over the years. With your continued support, we’ll protect this one-of-a-kind ecosystem for future generations.  SAVE THE DATE: We invite you to donate to Friends of the Everglades on Give Miami Day during the contribution period, November 13-16, 2023, by clicking the button below.  Give Miami Day’s goal is to help the non-profit community in south Florida, and it’s our most important online-giving event of the year, fueling our advocacy, science and watchdog work. By making a donation, you are supporting our vision for the [...]

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An inspiring peek inside our Young Friends classrooms

https://youtu.be/UzwPPHhHVdM?si=iBozrTxRGmHyiZ47 “Take the children out to the Glades and let them learn. Education will be the only way to save the Glades. And tell them the Everglades isn’t saved yet!” — Marjory Stoneman Douglas on the founding of Young Friends of the Everglades As a passionate educator with a background in science, working as the Education and Outreach Coordinator for Friends of the Everglades is my dream job! I have long pursued science-based and outdoor education as a means to engage students and develop environmental stewardship — an approach I've embraced since joining the Friends team in May. We've made a lot of progress, thanks to support from people like you.  At this critical point in Florida’s ecological [...]

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Friends of the Everglades State Legislative Priorities: 2024

About Friends of the Everglades: Friends of the Everglades was founded in 1969 by Marjory Stoneman Douglas, a driving force behind the creation of Everglades National Park and author of The Everglades: River of Grass. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to preserving the only Everglades in the world, we have identified the following priorities for the 2024 session of the Florida Legislature. 2024 State Legislative Priorities: JUMP TO: Protect wetlands Get serious about toxic algae Fix our failing BMAPs Don't ban fertilizer bans Smarter, controlled development Stop sugarcane burning Send more clean water south 1. Protect Wetlands: Reject any attempt to preempt local authority on wetlands. The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Sackett vs. EPA imperils crucial wetlands throughout [...]

Young Friends intern looks to the Everglades as an educator

What can we learn from life in the Everglades? By Autumn N. Bryan 2023 Karen Mashburn Environmental Scholar Upon accepting my internship with Friends of the Everglades, I began to consider the prospect of the Everglades as an educator. I have so much to learn from the people here, and even more to unearth from the beautiful River of Grass that connects us.  Marjory Stoneman Douglas knew, though academically-educated, that school is not the only place you can find a teacher. All around you are opportunities for priceless lessons. For those that can recognize the beauty of the swamp, the Everglades are the perfect educator. Life in the Everglades provides countless instructions on how to coexist, adapt, and connect. [...]

People, literature and environmentalism motivate our first Karen Mashburn Environmental Scholar

Autumn Bryan, Karen Mashburn Environmental Scholar In August, Autumn Bryan became the first recipient of the Karen Mashburn Environmental Scholars Internship and Scholarship, awarding $10,000 to her academic efforts. Autumn, a graduate student in Library and Information Science at the University of South Florida, and Geoscience at Florida Atlantic University, plans to pursue a doctorate in Environmental Literature. She has published articles about climate change, wildlife conservation, and environment endangerment. She volunteers as a digital archivist, serves on a wildlife conservation organization's board of education, and has founded a Teen Environmental Alliance club at her local library. Autumn plans to continue to encourage awareness around youth services, wildlife conservation, and environmental education through her work in libraries, research labs, [...]

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Everglades Illustrated: piecing together the Toxic Puzzle

Documentary reveals potential solution to toxic algae exposure Every rainy season in Florida brings the threat of toxic slime in our waterways. At its worst earlier this year, Lake Okeechobee was covered in 400+ square miles of harmful blue-green algae blooms. Thankfully, Floridians have been largely spared in 2023 from large blooms entering the waterways to the east and the west of the lake, but the threat of damaging discharges isn’t over yet. Those of us living near the Caloosahatchee and St. Lucie rivers and their canals, Lake O, and other waters previously tainted with algae know all too well the environmental and economic harm these discharges can bring. Green water clumped like guacamole, with dead fish at the [...]