VIDEO: Putting a stop to the Roads to Ruin

During today's Clean Water Conversation, we heard a multi-faceted case supporting the urgent need to repeal M-CORES in full, removing the threat of all three proposed toll roads. We'd like to extend a big thanks our guest representatives from the No Roads to Ruin coalition — Amber Crooks, Ryan Smart, Barbara Byram, and Lilly Rooks — for sharing their expertise. The fight continues to halt these roads, which threaten rural communities, natural springs, and water supply, and put pressure of some of Florida's most loved and endangered wildlife. Friends Executive Director, Eve Samples said it well: "So much of what we all do is defense, and we've got our defensive work cut out for us in the remaining weeks of [...]

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VIDEO RECORDING: Protecting the Everglades from oil drilling

When asked during today's Clean Water Conversation what everyday people can do to help stop the threat of oil drilling in Big Cypress, Miccosukee activist Houston Cypress, had this to say: “I’m a fan of nonviolent direct action, meaning, let's make a colorful ruckus." As an organization that strives every day to live by Marjory Stoneman Douglas' famous words, "Be a nuisance where it counts," that's advice that we can get on board with. Today's Clean Water Conversation made a powerful case for the urgent need to take action against Burnett Oil Company's proposed oil drilling in Big Cypress. We'd like to extend a big thanks to Jacki Lopez, Alison Kelly, and Houston Cypress for sharing their wealth of knowledge and [...]

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Protecting the Environment Protects Human Health

“One thing I know in my bones as a scientist is that protecting the environment protects human health. There’s no question that there’s a link between environmental health and human health.” - Dr. Paul Alan Cox Today's Clean Water Conversation made a powerful argument for safeguarding the health of Floridians by taking care of our natural environment. We owe a big thanks to Toxic Puzzle's lead researcher, Dr. Paul Alan Cox, and president of Cleveland Clinic Martin Health, Rob Lord, for reminding listeners that this issue transcends political party lines and for speaking to the urgency of leaders in public health and government working together to address this situation now--not down the road. As Rob Lord put it, "In our local political [...]

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Join our next Clean Water Conversation: Revisiting the Toxic Puzzle

2018 is a year that most Floridians will never forget. That year, widely recalled as "Toxic18," put toxic algae and its link to serious public health concerns on the map in South Florida. That year, we saw devastating consequences after another summer of toxic Lake Okeechobee discharges. People got sick, dogs died, businesses suffered, and the most destructive red ride in years persisted with help from the constant source of nutrients. Samples collected during significant cyanobacterial blooms of 2016 and 2018 and tested by Dr. Paul Alan Cox's team from the Brain Chemistry Labs in Jackson, WY found concentrations of microcystin 10,000 times greater than that allowed by the state of Ohio for recreational waters. In the years since then, [...]

Recording available now! Clean Water Conversations: Northern Estuary Waterkeepers’ Toxic Discharge Update

We are grateful to all of you for joining us for our latest Clean Water Conversation: Northern Estuary Waterkeepers' Toxic Discharge Update. Today we were joined by Calusa Waterkeeper John Cassani, Indian Riverkeeper Mike Conner, and Lake Worth Waterkeeper Reinaldo Diaz to get an update on the damages inflicted onto each of these northern estuaries by the recent start of Lake Okeechobee discharges. The impacts of Lake Okeechobee discharges on each of these ecosystems are devastating and far-reaching. Each time the flood gates open, local environments suffer, and the people that call these areas home are faced with exposure to dangerous cyanobacteria and tremendous economic loss. We are thankful to each of these Waterkeepers for serving as critical sources of local [...]

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Recording Available Now! Clean Water Conversation: Stop the Burn

We are grateful to all of you for joining us for our latest Clean Water Conversation: Stop the Burn. Today we covered the environmental and health injustices of sugarcane burning. As our guest Patrick so poignantly emphasized, the history of Everglades restoration is scattered with instances where the reckless pursuit of short term profit was allowed to outweigh that of longterm human health and dignity. This outdated pre-harvest practice is another shocking example of a way that this shortsighted thinking still prevails to this day. Our guests today reminded us of the importance of collectively raising our voices against injustices and lifting up each other's individual experiences, as real human stories are often the most effective tool for fostering change. We can't say enough about the [...]

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Recording Available Now! Clean Water Conversations: Harmful Algal Bloom Expert Q&A

    Thanks to all of you for joining us for another successful Clean Water Conversation. Today our guests, Dr. Walter Bradley and Dr. James Metcalf, covered the frightening topic of human health impacts related to toxic algae exposure. Many of you offered up your questions and concerns for discussion, highlighting very real fears that Floridians face due to toxic Lake Okeechobee discharges. The takeaway was direct and disturbing: these toxins present clear short and long-term risks to humans, to our pets, to animals that share these environments with us, and to crops that are irrigated with polluted water. We’re grateful to Doctors Bradley and Metcalf for their truly remarkable work, dedicated to understanding the dangers of HABs. They are [...]

Upcoming Clean Water Conversations: Harmful Algal Bloom Expert Q&A

For more than 70 years, the Army Corps has managed Lake Okeechobee without consideration for the health of those impacted in the St. Lucie and Caloosahatchee watersheds and further south in Florida Bay. As a result, Floridians and their pets have been exposed to an array of serious near-term health threats. Additionally, researchers have linked toxins in discharged lakewater to increased long-term risks of liver failure, ALS, Alzheimer’s Disease, and Parkinson’s Disease. In our upcoming Clean Water Conversation, we’re offering the public a chance to converse candidly with harmful algal bloom (HAB) experts Dr. Walter Bradley and Dr. James Metcalf. We know Floridians have many concerns about Lake Okeechobee releases exposing people to dangerously high levels of toxins. Now is [...]

Recording Available Now! Clean Water Conversations: Revisiting “The Swamp”

Did you miss today's Clean Water Conversation featuring author of "The Swamp," Michael Grunwald? No worries! We've got you covered. Thank you to all of you who were able to join us today. We invite you to revisit parts of the conversation, or share it with friends, with a recorded version, available here. Huge thanks to Michael Grunwald for sharing his time and his thoughts on what's changed (and what hasn't) since "The Swamp" was published in 2006. It's clear that we continue to face an uphill battle, but let's face it, he's right — “This place is paradise...we have to figure out how we can all live here sustainably.” If you enjoyed this event, please consider helping us fund the [...]

Recording Available Now! Clean Water Conversations: What’s up with the EAA Reservoir?

Thank you to everyone that joined us today for our Clean Water Conversation surrounding the EAA Reservoir. If you missed parts of the conversation or want to share this with a friend, you can find the full recording HERE. A big thank you goes out to Jacqui Thurlow-Lippisch and Diana Umpierre for making this a successful and informative event. Today's topic of conversation will continue to evolve. We'll be sure to pass on new information and chances for the public to weigh in on the project as we come across them. We’ll keep you posted and hope you’ll join us for the next Clean Water Conversation. By the way, this effort is funded by people like you who care about protecting [...]

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