A virtual conversation with environmental experts in honor of Maggy Hurchalla

Maggy Hurchalla Opportunity Fund virtual event Maggy Hurchalla was a force of nature, and a force for nature. She rallied so many of us around a vision that was intertwined with the way she led her life. It was rooted in her deeply held belief in protecting our wetlands and waterways and safeguarding Florida’s last remaining green spaces. It’s a vision we are committed to at Friends of the Everglades, and we’re incredibly grateful to you for contributing to our work in Maggy’s memory. This is a critical time to sustain the momentum Maggy created. In May, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a ruling in the Sackett case that gutted protections for wetlands under the Clean Water Act. Earlier in the spring, the Florida Legislature advanced damaging legislation [...]

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Our fight continues in the wake of “Rural Lifestyle” vote

Residents against the Rural Lifestyle amendment protest ahead of the Martin County Commission meeting Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2022, in Stuart. Martin County is the dividing line between South Florida’s sprawl and less-intense development. On Tuesday, in a very close vote that Friends of the Everglades opposed, the commission voted to open thousands of acres of rural land to suburban-style development. Kudos is owed to Commissioners Sarah Heard and Ed Ciampi as the only two commissioners to hold the line during the vote to move forward with a new land-use designation known as “Rural Lifestyle,” marking what’s arguably the most significant change to the county’s Comprehensive Plan since it was established under the leadership of Maggy Hurchalla. The [...]

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Presenting the Maggy Hurchalla Opportunity Fund

It’s hard to believe six months have passed since we said goodbye to Everglades hero Margaret Reno Hurchalla. Not a day goes by that we don’t remember the immense contributions and sacrifices she made in Florida for our communities and environment. As difficult as it was to think of a world without Maggy’s perseverance and inspiration, you helped us realize that her triumphant spirit lives on through Everglades advocacy and supporters. Hundreds of Maggy Hurchalla’s friends and loved ones contributed more than $25,000 cumulatively to Friends of the Everglades in the wake of her passing. Now, Friends of the Everglades is honored to announce the creation of The Maggy Hurchalla Opportunity Fund, seeded by your heartfelt contributions. Your gifts [...]