Happy birthday, Majory Stoneman Douglas

Happy birthday, Marjory Stoneman Douglas!  Our spirited founder was born on this day in 1890, 133 years ago.  Marjory deepened human connection with the Everglades through her seminal book The Everglades: River of Grass, which was published in 1947, the same year Everglades National Park was founded. Her efforts to preserve, protect, and restore the only Everglades in the world continue through Friends of the Everglades, which she founded in 1969 at the age of 79 — proving it’s never too late to leave a positive mark on the world!  Marjory wore many hats, literally and figuratively, and her impacts on this beloved, unique ecosystem endure, which is why her birthday is still worth celebrating! April 7 is officially [...]

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Experience “Passages at the Nest” — an AIRIE exhibition sponsored by Friends of the Everglades

Friends of the Everglades is a proud sponsor of Passages, a multimedia exhibition from AIRIE (Artists in Residence in the Everglades), curated by Creative Director and 2022 AIRIE fellow Cornelius Tulloch. The exhibition aims to create heightened visibility and a voice for the “River of Grass,” revealing connections found or created by AIRIE fellows in the Everglades and celebrating the stories of this natural landscape and its overlooked communities. By offering a place to contemplate the Black history of the Everglades, Tulloch and other AIRIE fellows look at the threats that climate change and urban development pose to this area, extending to the marginalized communities of south Florida and the indigenous communities and wildlife of the region. In addition to [...]

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Marjory’s Circle Member Spotlight: Meet David Marshall and Teri Garcia-Marshall

Marjory’s Circle launched in 2020 to sustain the legacy of our spirited founder, Marjory Stoneman Douglas. The group that emerged hails from all over, possessing different backgrounds and motivations, but is connected by a desire to see the Everglades protected and preserved. Meet David & Teri Name: David Marshall and Teri Garcia-Marshall Location: Miami, FL/Naples, FL Marjory’s Circle Members since: 2022 (David) and 2023 (Teri) David and Teri are longtime residents of Florida. They split time between homes on the east and west coasts, in Miami and Naples, a frequent trip that leads them by way of Alligator Alley through the heart of Florida’s Everglades. Both exude praise and appreciation for the one-of-a-kind ecosystem — expressing awe for the [...]

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Close out 2022 with one final gift to Friends of the Everglades!

A roseate spoonbill explores the freshwaters of the Big Cypress Swamp on Friday, Dec. 16, near Clyde Butcher’s Big Cypress Gallery in Ochopee. As we move steadily toward the final days of 2022, we’ve got our eyes trained on new goals in the year ahead. In 2023, our focus will turn quickly to the looming 60-day state legislative session — a time when lawmakers consider bills that have a significant impact on Florida’s fragile environment. We expect the 2023 session, which will run from March 7 to May 5, to require in-depth analysis, citizen engagement and fast action. Rest assured, you can count on Friends of the Everglades to track important bills, highlight key players, and [...]

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75 Marjory’s Circle members for 75 Years of Advocacy

Give the gift of Marjory’s Circle by dedicating a membership to a loved one this holiday season! By joining Marjory’s Circle, you’re committing to protecting one of the world's great ecosystems and sustaining the legacy of Friends of the Everglades founder, Marjory Stoneman Douglas. Joining only takes a couple of clicks. Your membership in this special giving society drives our efforts to preserve, protect and restore the Florida you and yours know and love. As a grassroots organization with over 53 years of integrity and uncompromising loyalty to America’s Everglades, there is no better circle of Friends to be in right now. This year we celebrate both the 75th anniversary of Everglades National Park and the 75th anniversary of [...]

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Marjory’s Circle Member Spotlight: Meet Annie Potts

Marjory’s Circle launched in 2020 to sustain the legacy of our spirited founder, Marjory Stoneman Douglas. The group that emerged hails from all over, possessing different backgrounds and motivations, but is connected by a desire to see the Everglades protected and preserved. Meet Annie Potts Name: Annie Potts Location: Palm City, FL Member since: December 2021 As a long-time supporter of historic lighthouse restoration in the Bahamas, Annie Potts is no stranger to the tenacious work required of preservation efforts or the impact that individuals can make when they join forces. Born in New York, Annie has lived in Palm City for more than 30 years. The secluded little peninsula she calls home juts into the south fork of [...]

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Your moment of Everglades zen: Wild Observations with Deborah Mitchell

We know the bad-news reel gets old. It's good to stop and remember what we're working so hard to protect. Here's your dose of Everglades zen. Wild Observations This past weekend we walked with conservation artist Deborah Mitchell through six enchanting destination-exhibition sites hidden within the Everglades National Park trails. Deborah's art combines scientific research with artistic interpretation to map an ecological and cultural study of observations occurring in our wild places. Through her work, she aims to inspire restoration of ecosystems, combat climate change, address habitat loss and reduce invasive species. These photos capture a few of the moments we encountered with a small group of Marjory's Circle members — as we took part in a visual and sensory experience exploring [...]