We know the bad-news reel gets old. It’s good to stop and remember what we’re working so hard to protect. Here’s your dose of Everglades zen.

The Night Sky in the Everglades

Watch the video above and then see if you can come up with a single good reason that a place capable of this level of majesty isn’t worth saving.

Photographer Anthony Sleiman shared this compilation of time-lapse images of the night sky above different trails in Everglades National Park with us, and the end result is nothing short of breathtaking. When we asked him what motivated his work, he had this to say:

“To me, the Everglades is a place full of magic, a place where time stands still and we can connect fully with nature. The Everglades has taught me so much about life, adventure, and appreciating the little things that I had to share my experiences and my point of view with other people. The goal of my photography is to inspire and teach people about this beautiful place and to show that it is way more than just gators and snakes and why it is important to protect it.”

Don’t take his (or our) word for it. But we bet it only takes 1:12 to convince anyone.