As spring approaches, now is an ideal chance to take a trip to Everglades National Park before the oppressive heat of summer descends. Our multimedia producer, Leah Voss, took a recent walk along the Anhinga Trail, where she encountered scenes alive with activity as she soaked in the warm glow of a late afternoon. She captured those moments in words and images: 

“Far south of the bustle of Miami, tucked inside the protective boundaries of Everglades National Park, the sun sank lower toward the horizon, blanketing the freshwater marsh of Taylor Slough with a golden light. Purple gallinules hopped across lily pads. Cormorants squawked and jostled for positions on tree branches. Alligators began their nocturnal hunt. Herons and egrets stood still, soaking in the last of the daylight. And tourists, with camera phones and long lenses, circled the boardwalks of the Anhinga Trail, watching these animals in wonder.”

Enjoy more of Leah’s images from Anhinga Trail above.