We know the bad-news reel gets old. It’s good to stop and remember what we’re working
so hard to protect. Here’s your dose of Everglades zen.

Each year, Friends of the Everglades puts together an annual report to document our accomplishments and support from the previous year. It’s an essential tool for conveying impact and helping supporters understand the value of their contributions. There is one piece of the project that is particularly fulfilling — choosing the images that help bring it to life.

Because the Everglades is a remote and wild destination, it isn’t uncommon for supporters to admit to us that they haven’t actually spent a ton of time out there in this unique ecosystem. That’s where images come in, acting as a gateway of open access to a world of water and sky — one that hosts incredible biodiversity and ecological importance.

This year’s annual report photographer, Evan Wexler, known as @wexplorations on Instagram, has been a frequent contributor of gorgeous Everglades images. Whether it’s a moment of quiet solitude with a lone wading bird or a catch-your- breath sunset over sawgrass and cypress, Evan’s images capture the spirit of an extremely special place that is the inspiration for all the work that we do. Without a single word, these photographs make clear that these Everglades moments are worth fighting for.

In response to our finished product, Evan had this to say: “Beyond thrilled and excited that I was chosen to contribute my photography to Friends of the Everglades for the 2021 Annual Report. All I hope to do with my photography is illustrate how much I love the Everglades and to advocate for how we need to protect it. To get noticed for that by the very organization that Marjory Stoneman Douglas founded to help save the River of Grass is a pretty rewarding experience.”

We are so grateful to Evan for sharing his work with so many of us. Check out our annual report via the button below. And follow us on Instagram for more features from Evan.