Thank you to Joe Bonasia, Matt DePaolis, Capt. Cody Pierce and Gil Smart for joining Friends of the Everglades today to discuss the herculean effort to put Florida’s Right to Clean Water on the 2026 ballot.

Simply put, elected leaders in Florida have not fulfilled their duty to enforce existing clean-water legislation. All too often, they’ve compounded the issue by introducing new bills that make things even worse. Gaining an enforceable, fundamental right to clean water would ensure this vital protection for the state’s most valuable resource by going above our legislators’ heads. As we heard today, it’s an important movement that will require hundreds of thousands of signatures from registered Florida voters.

Get involved today. Even if you signed a petition in the past, this renewed effort requires new signatures. Visit to print an sign a petition for mailing or to review of map of locations where you can sign one in person. If you are in Martin County, you can stop by our office in Sewall’s Point to sign a petition Monday – Friday. 

Thanks to everyone who tuned in with us today.