This year’s legislative session may have produced a litany of bad environmental bills, but the surprise attack that was SB 2508 took the cake.

During today’s Clean Water Conversation, we tackled the details surrounding why SB 2508 would have detrimental consequences for Florida’s environment, economy, and public health. Jacqui Thurlow-Lippisch clued us in to the South Florida Water Management District’s “unanimous stance against attempts to intimidate them with this bill,” and Roy Gardener spelled out the dangers of delegating wetland “dredge and fill” permit reviews to utility companies. For a variety of reasons detailed throughout, Friends of the Everglades remains staunchly opposed to its passage.

As egregious as this bill itself is, Gil Smart was right that the process with which is was rammed through should offend everyone. The very best thing you can do today is to contact your state lawmakers directly to make your displeasure known. As Jacqui reminded us, “personal emails will move mountains.”

We’ve made that part easy for you. You can fill out a pre-formatted letter to state lawmakers right now by clicking this link. There’s room for you to adapt it with a personal message.

If you missed the event today, you can find the full below.