Today’s livestream demonstrated the value of environmental groups working together to accomplish common goals. Though geographically different, the Everglades and Florida’s Springs are both unique ecosystems that are valuable to our economy and important to our water supply. By working together, we made some good progress this year in Tallahassee — including heading off  a dangerous bill provision that would have harmed the average citizen’s ability to challenge the government for environmental failures.

Even so, plenty of work remains. The Springs and Everglades allies are stronger together, and the importance of citizen participation cannot be overstated. As Florida Springs Council’s Executive Director Ryan Smart put it, “We can’t promise we’ll win every time you take action, but we will always lose if you all don’t take action… Real people — voters — speaking up makes a huge difference.”

Thanks to everyone that tuned in with us today. You can review our big takeaways from session so far by viewing our Mid-Session Report, available now at our Legislative Accountability hub.

If you missed the event, you can find the full recording above.