Thanks to all of you for joining us for another successful Clean Water Conversation.

Today our guests, Dr. Walter Bradley and Dr. James Metcalf, covered the frightening topic of human health impacts related to toxic algae exposure. Many of you offered up your questions and concerns for discussion, highlighting very real fears that Floridians face due to toxic Lake Okeechobee discharges. The takeaway was direct and disturbing: these toxins present clear short and long-term risks to humans, to our pets, to animals that share these environments with us, and to crops that are irrigated with polluted water.

We’re grateful to Doctors Bradley and Metcalf for their truly remarkable work, dedicated to understanding the dangers of HABs. They are determined to develop solutions that may one day offer a cure for some truly devastating neurodegenerative diseases. Their commitment is a guiding force for Friends of the Everglades as we continue to push for water management solutions that prioritize human health and safety.

If you missed the conversation today, you can find the full recording available below. We invite you to share it with your friends and neighbors to help us spread awareness.

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