Friends supports CERP and the restoration of the Everglades. Storage is an essential component to Everglades restoration, and most of the benefits of CERP are contingent on storage. Therefore, we take a keen interest in the North of Lake Okeechobee reservoir, known as the Lake Okeechobee Component A Reservoir (LOCAR). Friends of the Everglades has reviewed the DEIS in detail, and we have several concerns that need to be addressed before we would be able to support the project. As such, we have requested several changes to the DEIS prior to its finalization, outlined in the following comments submitted to the Army Corps of Engineers.

Outlined concerns include:

  • Include LOSOM and other CERP Projects To Accurately Assess Estuary Benefits
  • Include an Assessment of Impacts to the Everglades
  • Include a Complete Assessment of Water Supply Benefits, Especially to the Natural System
  • Include a Complete Assessment of Water Quality in the Reservoir
  • Include Complete Cost Information in the DEIS.
  • Include a Broader Range of Alternatives

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