Marjory’s Circle is a special giving society that sustains the legacy of our spirited founder, Marjory Stoneman Douglas. The group that emerged hails from across the country and is connected by a desire to see the Everglades protected and preserved.

Meet Camila Quaresma-Sharp

Name: Camila Quaresma-Sharp
Location: Miami Beach, FL
Member since: June 2020

Originally from Brazil, longtime Friends of the Everglades board member Camila Quaresma-Sharp is a dynamic and determined voice for the Everglades who has called South Florida home for 30 years. The nonstop growth in the bustling community of Miami where she resides provides a stark contrast to the peace and natural balance she finds when visiting the Everglades.

During a walk along Anhinga Trail in Everglades National Park, Camila described the “aha moment” that she feels each time she visits the park. “It’s this feeling of interconnectedness. It’s this feeling of being in the raw environment. It’s this feeling that we belong all together. It’s not a human-made thing, it’s like we are protecting something very natural and it’s so important for all the species, not only humans.”

Camila’s remarks, which capture the intrinsic nature of the Everglades ecosystem, reflect her inspiration for protecting and maintaining its natural balance — an undertaking she describes as an obligation and responsibility. She sees Marjory’s Circle as an easy way to contribute. 

“It makes a huge difference for Friends of the Everglades to be able to continue the fight against what doesn’t belong and to preserve what does.”

Will you stand with Camila?
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