“Take the children out to the Glades and let them learn. Education will be the only way to save the Glades. And tell them the Everglades isn’t saved yet!”
— Marjory Stoneman Douglas on the founding of Young Friends of the Everglades

As a passionate educator with a background in science, working as the Education and Outreach Coordinator for Friends of the Everglades is

my dream job! I have long pursued science-based and outdoor education as a means to engage students and develop environmental stewardship — an approach I’ve embraced since joining the Friends team in May. We’ve made a lot of progress, thanks to support from people like you. 

At this critical point in Florida’s ecological history, we believe that our youth are essential to the future of the Everglades. But many young Floridians have yet to experience the wonders of this vital ecosystem. We’re bridging that gap.

Packed with unique experiences inspired by Marjory’s legacy and professionally curated resources, our Exploration Kits bring an Everglades experience right to classrooms, at no cost to educators. In addition to exploring the contributions of Marjory Stoneman Douglas, the Young Friends lessons teach students about biodiversity, threatened and endangered species, and the history of water in the Greater Everglades System. 

We make it easy for busy teachers. Each kit delivery includes a classroom launch where students dive into the fascinating world of the Everglades with our Young Friends expert educators. We invite you to learn more about Young Friends by watching the video above, featuring moments from our recent visits to The Pine School and Redeemer Lutheran School where we engaged students in a hands-on workshop to discover answers to questions like:

  • Why are the Everglades so important?
  • What challenges does this ecosystem face?
  • How has water flow changed in South Florida?
  • How can we continue the legacy of conservation that Marjory began?

The Young Friends program was created to empower youth to be informed change-makers in their communities and beyond. We hope to foster a love

for nature and inspire the next generation of environmental advocates!

To learn more about the Young Friends program or to submit an application for an Exploration Kit, please visit our website.

This program is powered by Friends of the Everglades supporters. If you’re inpsired by what you see, please consider making a donation now to advance youth Everglades education!

For the Everglades,

Amanda Purnell
Education and Outreach Coordinator
Friends of the Everglades