Sugarcane burns in fields north of Pahokee on Oct. 21, 2022.

At the start of 2022, Friends of the Everglades set out on a video  project chronicling the widespread negative impacts of sugarcane burning, which disproportionately impacts the Glades communities south of Lake Okeechobee.

Today, we are proud to present the final installment of this project. The final video, narrated by Glades resident Kina Phillips, represents a culmination of the fears, frustrations and ultimately the hope that we heard from each subject in a series of interviews over the course of five months. It offers a rallying cry that is as true today as it was when the burns started decades ago: Enough is enough.

This  project was brought to life by Friends of the Everglades Multimedia Producer Leah Voss. With a background in photojournalism, Leah had the skill and the expertise to craft a visual journey that would open more people’s eyes to the stories of impacted residents through images and video. Our mini-docuseries, titled The Last Burn Season tells the personal stories of six individuals living in the Glades: Hester Harrell, Anne Haskell and Fred Brockman, Robert Mitchell, Ras Benjahman and Kina Phillips.

As long as the smoke continues to rise over the Glades, Friends of the Everglades will continue to call for the Last Burn Season.

Watch the final video.