Join us in demanding clean and healthy water in Florida!

The “why” is simple and obvious. The current system has failed our most basic expectations, risking or harming our most basic needs. Clean water should not be vulnerable to state-sanctioned pollution.

To correct this systemic flaw, the Florida Right to Clean Water movement is working to amend the Florida Constitution to include a fundamental right to clean and healthy waters, setting out clear standards, priorities and consequences should a state executive agency violate this right.

Floridians must band together to demand responsible governance and accountability when it comes to our most important natural resource.

The goal is steep and we need your help. More than 800,000 physically signed petitions must be gathered in order to be certified for the 2024 ballot.

Friends of the Everglades’ office in Stuart now serves as an official petition location for Florida’s Right to Clean Water. Come by to sign a petition to help us bring this initiative to amend Florida’s Constitution to the voters in November 2024.

Together we can give the people the power to hold our State agencies accountable for harm to Florida’s waters.

For more information about the campaign or to find out where your closest petition location may be, visit You can also contact Friends of the Everglades at