What makes Key deer “endangered?”

There is an estimated 600-800 Key deer in South Florida, according to experts. The Key deer population has been reduced significantly since the early 1900’s, crediting their classification as ‘endangered.’

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How can I help save the Key deer?

You can join Young Friends of the Everglades and sign the Key Deer Protection Petition. Another thing you can do is tell your friends and family about this special species of deer that’s found nowhere else in the world. Key deer are only found in the Florida Keys.

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Why do Key deer need clean water?

Key Deer used to live on 23 islands in the Florida Keys, but that number is decreasing as their habitat shrinks. Key deer find pools of clean water and are often found grazing around mangroves.

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What does “delisting” mean?

Delisting a species is the process of removing federal government protection from an animal or plant that is endangered or threatened. The Endangered Species Act became a law in 1973 and is designed to prevent animals and plants from becoming extinct.

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