This week, the Everglades Coalition sent a letter to Gov. DeSantis requesting that he veto SB 2508.

Sixty-one organizations make up the coalition devoted to restoration, preservation, and protection of the Greater Everglades. The letter applauds DeSantis’s early opposition to the nefarious introduction of SB 2508 and strongly urges him to reject the remaining threats left in the bill, which would preserve the status quo that has led to toxic algae blooms in Florida.

This united front from Florida’s leading voices in Everglades restoration represents a critical mass of opposition to what has been recognized as one the worst environmental bills to emerge from Tallahassee.

Private citizens can add their voice to the fight by clicking here to send DeSantis a personal veto request today.

The clock is ticking. DeSantis has until June 1 to sign SB 2508 into law, let it pass quietly, or side with Floridians by vetoing it.