We’re hearing a lot of questions about Gov. Ron DeSantis’ latest executive order on the environment.

Will it curtail the pollution that’s plagued Florida’s water and air? Will it help restore the Everglades? How exactly will the promised $3.5 billion be spent?

The success or failure of this cash infusion is entirely dependent on the projects it pays for. And, on that front, DeSantis is vague in the executive order. That’s why tracking the money will be essential — and we’re committed to it.

Watch the 3-minute video take on the order below from Friends of the Everglades executive director Eve Samples, then check out this helpful analysis from our friends at VoteWater.

Exactly four years ago, DeSantis issued his first executive order on the environment during a visit to Stuart, which was plagued by toxic algae in 2018. The follow-through on those promises fell short — particularly as it related to holding agricultural polluters accountable.

This time around, we need more.  We’ll be watching.