We are grateful to all of you for joining us for our latest Clean Water Conversation: Stop the Burn.

Today we covered the environmental and health injustices of sugarcane burning. As our guest Patrick so poignantly emphasized, the history of Everglades restoration is scattered with instances where the reckless pursuit of short term profit was allowed to outweigh that of longterm human health and dignity. This outdated pre-harvest practice is another shocking example of a way that this shortsighted thinking still prevails to this day. Our guests today reminded us of the importance of collectively raising our voices against injustices and lifting up each other’s individual experiences, as real human stories are often the most effective tool for fostering change.

We can’t say enough about the work that Kina, Robert, and Patrick are doing. Their passion and courage is unmatched on this issue and their determination is sure to pave the way for long-overdue changes to sugarcane burning regulations in Florida that will better protect residents in the Glades communities.

If you missed the conversation today, you can find the full recording available below. Please share it with your friends and neighbors to help us ensure that this conversation stays at the forefront of public discussion and legislative action.

Now that you’ve been armed with information from impacted residents and passionate activists, we’d like to ask you to take the next steps to help drive real and lasting change. Here’s how:

  • Join the STOP THE BURN campaign. Sign up by clicking here.
  • Stay up to date with all the latest news on this issue by following the Stop the Burn campaign on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Spread the word. The more voices that we can add to this conversation, the better.

We encourage you to also send a letter to Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried to support protecting communities from sugarcane burning. We know that the current protections in place are not enough. It’s time for that to change.

Email your comments to Commissioner Fried directly by clicking here or clicking the button below to open a pre-formatted email window. If you’d like to add an additional comment, space has been provided. Just add your own story and click “Take Action.”

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