This is no small victory!

Senate Bill 2508 was easily the worst environmental bill we saw come out of Tallahassee this year — made up of several dangerous provisions that threatened Floridians and our environment by preserving the status quo. 

We recognized the hazard this bill would pose to fragile wetlands, water management and land preservation across Florida. It had to be stopped. We issued a call to action to help us shut it down, and you did not disappoint.

More than 3,500 of you sent urgent messages to Gov. DeSantis requesting a veto of this dangerous legislation.That’s in addition to more than 5,000 messages sent after the bill first emerged in February. Every one of those messages made a difference. Together, we succeeded in killing this bill. 

The will of the people won today. In the environmental world, true cause for celebration can feel few and far between. This is a huge win. If our founder, Marjory Stoneman Douglas, were still here, we’re certain she’d be raising a glass of Scotch tonight to our shared success. 

Cheers to all of you who helped us get here!