We need you to speak up!

Senate Bill 540 , which the Legislature passed May 2, would be a death knell for citizen engagement in development decisions. It would make it almost impossible for average residents to bring challenges to legally flawed amendments to local comprehensive plans, which serve as the blueprint for growth in local communities. SB 540 undercuts the fundamental right to seek remedy from the courts if the political process fails.

That’s bad for the future of Florida, bad for the Everglades, and bad for water and wildlife. It also flies in the face of Gov. DeSantis Executive Order 23-06, which called for protecting the long-term planning process that safeguards sustainable growth in Florida. To honor his own executive order, Gov. DeSantis must veto SB 540.

We’ve made it easy to weigh in. By using the form on this page, you can send a pre-formatted letter to Governor DeSantis urging him to stand with the rights of his constituents and protect sustainable growth in Florida by vetoing SB 540.