Wild, Wonderful Everglades

A Friend of the Everglades, Josh Staab, recently gifted us a glimpse of the unspoiled beauty and adventure that is the River of Grass. The short video shows us moments that not even all Floridians are lucky enough to have seen, featuring miles of uninterrupted watery views and animal encounters unique to this part of the world. The video perfectly capture the solitude and beauty of an ecosystem that, despite all odds, remains wild and untamed, all backed by an expansive and ever-changing Everglades sky.

These are views worth fighting for. Take a minute to watch the video at the bottom of this page — you’ll be glad that you did.

In Josh’s own words:
“In this video I’m showing you all my perspective on what makes the Everglades so important to me. All filmed with my iPhone in Everglades National Park adventuring out of Flamingo with friends to explore the various flats, bights and shorelines throughout Florida Bay and the backcountry. This incredible ecosystem is so wildly in sync from the vast variety of wildlife to the beautiful landscapes they inhabit, making it one of the most unique places on earth and truly my favorite place to be. Enjoy!”