Weaving between the knees of a cypress grove, a male bobcat wades quietly through the water in a world that must feel like all his own.

A friend of the Everglades gifted us this trail cam footage captured in the Everglades. Palmetto leaf reflections shimmer on the surface of the water as he peers back over his shoulder, taking in the stillness of his surroundings.

As we’re sure many of you did, we took a moment this week to consider all that we accomplished in 2021 and our targets for the year ahead. The first week of the year invites resolutions, planning, mapping, charting and charging into the laundry list of goals and obstacles that each of us envisions tackling with a fury that is freshly renewed by the start of a new year. It’s easy to get swept up in the mania, so we’re thankful for visuals like this that stop us in our tracks and remind us what we’re fighting for.

All around us the daily grind continues. If this quiet moment isn’t serenity found, we’re not sure what is. Here’s to more moments like it in 2022.