The Everglades: Homestead to Flamingo

If you’ve ever entered Everglades National Park through Homestead, you know the feeling of anticipation and joy as you get closer to the magical river of grass. Farmland soon morphs into the vast beauty of one of America’s most unique national parks,, where freshwater marsh and tree islands blend seamlessly into open pinelands and mangrove swamp, wading birds and reptiles coexist, and the subtropics reach the continental United States. 

This collection of photos embodies the wonders you can find along the glorious, 38-mile stretch of State Road 9336, from the Ernest F. Coe Visitor Center in Homestead all the way down to the Guy Bradley Visitor Center in Flamingo. 

The ecosystems you pass through are varied. One moment all you can see is blue sky and sawgrass for miles. The next moment, you’re inside an enchanted cypress forest that never seems to end. Pinelands pop up, then they’re gone. As you near Florida Bay, mangroves take over. Beyond your view, dozens of keys scatter across the water where the freshwater of the Everglades winds out of the grips of the sawgrass. 

This is the uniqueness of the world’s only Everglades. Scroll through these photos by our Multimedia Producer Leah Voss, then go make your own memories in Florida’s natural gem.