“Snorkeling in the Florida Everglades”

What would you do if on your next snorkeling adventure you ended up face-to-face with this prehistoric lizard?

We’ll admit that this video might defy the average person’s idea of a “moment of zen.” It features a voiceover from a snorkeler calmly interacting with several of the Everglades’ most famous apex predators — from a safe distance — as he explores a maze of underwater tree root systems.

Along the way he points out different species in surprisingly clear water, offering a truly unique perspective of the thriving and interconnected ecosystem that lives beyond the view of most Everglades sightseers.

We’re perfectly happy to join you in viewing this particular moment of Everglades zen from behind our computer screens, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to visually experience this one-of-a-kind environment in ways many never will.