Today, Friends of the Everglades submitted comments to the Army Corps of Engineers in response to the Western Everglades Restoration Project Draft PIR/EIS.

Our comments reflect our continued concern that this project must meet water-quality standards so as not to adversely impact water quality in the ecologically delicate region of the Western Everglades, including Big Cypress National Preserve.

In part, the letter states, “Restoration cannot succeed over the long term unless the water is clean — nor can it succeed if water quantity, timing, and distribution are distorted to dodge the responsibility for clean water. The proposed Western Everglades Restoration Plan falls short because of the decision to pass the water-quality problems to the next generation, which simply perpetuates the cycle of pollution, litigation, blame and runaway costs. As this plan progresses, we urge you to address the water-quality issues. Doing so would advance truly meaningful Everglades restoration.”