Friends of the Everglades board member Dave Preston called it like it is in today’s Clean Water Conversation: “SB 2508 isn’t a water bill. It’s an anti-water bill.”

Though it’s true that early amendments to the bill carved out some of the original bad provisions, significant threats in the remaining language warrant strong and continued opposition in the days ahead. Gov. DeSantis has until June 30 to sign, veto, or quietly allow this bill to pass without signature, leaving us with a short window of opportunity to advocate for the only acceptable option to support Florida’s environment, economy and people: VETO. 

Big thanks to Dave, Matt Depaolis of Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation and our own policy director Gil Smart for their excellent input on the biggest threats that remain and how to keep SB 2508 in the spotlight while there’s still a chance to stop it.

If you missed the event today, you can find the full recording below.

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