More than 250 people gathered at The Biltmore in Miami to join Friends of the Everglades at our 3rd Marjory Stoneman Douglas Legacy Celebration. With the event’s theme — “Be a Voice of the Everglades” — resonating through the afternoon, attendees were left inspired and energized by the words of influential speakers including Carl Hiaasen, Betty Osceola and Houston Cypress.

Betty implored the audience to “Listen to the water, the air and the trees” while Carl emphasized the importance of remaining proactive, stating “Stay pissed off.” Houston poeticized a profound message, urging us to recognize that “Every step is a prayer.”

We are grateful for voices like Carl, Betty and Houston, that serve as a reminder of the collective effort required to safeguard the Everglades. Their insights underscore the significance of collaboration and different perspectives in our shared commitment to ensure a positive and enduring impact on this vital ecosystem.

We hope you’ll enjoy rewatching the highlights.

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