There was a lot to unpack from this legislative session that ended on May 5, and not a whole lot of it was good news for Florida’s fragile environment. Today’s Friends of the Everglades LIVE focused on what went down and the ways you can still help us kill some of the worst bills that came out of this “Session of Sprawl.”

As our Executive Director Eve Samples put it, “Our future as a state is at stake. We are on the front lines of climate change, we’re implementing the most complex and expensive ecosystem restoration effort on the planet in Everglades restoration, and we are not doing ourselves any favors if we allow more reckless development to happen as we are grappling with these immense challenges.”

Legislative Accountability is vitally important to environmental protection and the future of Florida. At Friends of the Everglades, we work hard to help the public undeerstand dense policy measures and how they impact both the natural world and the human environment. We’ll continue to keep our eyes trained closely on the legislation that poses the greatest threats.

Thanks to everyone that tuned in with us today. You can review an update and analysis on key bills in our Post-Session Legislative Report, available now at our Legislative Accountability hub.

If you missed the event, you can find the full recording above.