We need you to speak up!

Senate Bill 540 (DiCeglie) would disempower citizens by requiring the losing party in challenges to local government comprehensive plans or plan amendments to pay the prevailing party’s attorney fees and court costs. This could be a significant burden for the average citizen, and runs the risk of scaring off well-meaning challenges, thereby leading to more development and sprawl.

The bill was made even worse through an amendment that effectively greenlights a controversial Miami-Dade County proposal which Friends of the Everglades was involved in fighting last year — to bring dense industrial development to hundreds of flood-prone acres of farmland in Homestead, well outside the Urban Development Boundary.

We’ve made it easy to weigh in. By using the form below, you can send a pre-formatted letter to Senate Rules Committee Chair Debbie Mayfield urging her to oppose Senate Bill 540, which must be approved by her committee in order to advance this session.