We need you to speak up!

All session long, we’ve been cautiously watching House Bill 789/Senate Bill 738, sponsored by Rep. Toby Overdorf and Sen. Danny Burgess. 

We sounded the alarm — and you responded — in order to successfully kill two dangerous proposals in the original versions of the bills. It was a small, noteworthy victory.

The bill is less bad now, but it’s still bad news. Friends of the Everglades remains very concerned about a remaining provision in the bill that would prohibit citizens from suing polluters for personal injury or economic damages, if the event that caused the injuries was duly permitted or authorized by a government agency. 

Sounds to us like a backdoor way to protect polluters from being held accountable. And now there’s some evidence that’s exactly the case.

Investigative journalist Jason Garcia reported in a Feb. 25 piece that mining giant Mosaic — a “Fortune 500 industrial firm that strip-mines phosphate rock and turns it into fertilizer at chemical factories near Tampa” — appears to be pushing the legislation.

It’s never good policy to strip legal rights from citizens who may have been harmed by pollution. 

We’ve made it easy to weigh in. By using the form on this page, you can send a pre-formatted letter to your Florida House and Senate representatives asking them to kill this bad bill.