The surprise attack that is SB 2508 emerged late on a Friday afternoon during Florida’s annual 60-day legislative session, prompting a fast and furious reaction from the environmental community to push back. In response to that impressive effort, the Florida Senate amended the bill on February 17, stripping some of its most egregious provisions. But major concerns remain.

Even amended, SB 2508 remains a mixed bag of bad proposals that undermine Florida’s environmental protections and protect powerful industries — most notably Big Sugar.

If enacted by the Legislature, this bill could have detrimental impacts on Florida’s environment, economy, and public health. It would:

  • Enshrine outdated water-shortage rules into state law, preserving the status quo that benefits Big Sugar at the expense of the environment.
  • Allow utility companies to pay to expedite wetland “dredge and fill” permit reviews.
  • Give Florida’s next Agriculture Commissioner new power to spend millions of dollars buying land.

Four lawmakers have immense influence over what happens next. We need you to send them a message today asking them to oppose this bill.

We’ve made it easy. Use the button below to connect directly with Senate President Wilton Simpson, Senator Ben Albritton, Representative Chris Sprowls, and Representative Josie Tomkow.