“One thing I know in my bones as a scientist is that protecting the environment protects human health. There’s no question that there’s a link between environmental health and human health.” – Dr. Paul Alan Cox

Today’s Clean Water Conversation made a powerful argument for safeguarding the health of Floridians by taking care of our natural environment. We owe a big thanks to Toxic Puzzle’s lead researcher, Dr. Paul Alan Cox, and president of Cleveland Clinic Martin Health, Rob Lord, for reminding listeners that this issue transcends political party lines and for speaking to the urgency of leaders in public health and government working together to address this situation now–not down the road.

As Rob Lord put it, “In our local political arena, this is the single most important issue.”

If you missed the conversation today, you can find the full recording available here. Please share it with your friends and neighbors to help us keep this important topic in the spotlight as it continues to evolve.

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Friends of the Everglades

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