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Learning about Water


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Why should we protect our water?   Water Cycle Diagram
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Conserve: How the water
cycle works

  Student Water Cycle Drawing




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What do trees do? Learn
more about what
trees can do, visit 

  Tree Wordsearch   National Geographic Kids
 act-ev-matters-150x150.jpg    EVER_coevcheader-150x100.jpg    act-riverofgrass-150x150.jpg
 Everglades Matters    Learn About Everglades Animals    Everglades River of Grass
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 Finding your way through
the Everglades
  Biscayne Nature Center -
Summer by the Sea 



Young Friends Poems


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Poem 1   Poem 2   Poem 3


Young Friends Drawings


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Drawing 1   Drawing 2   Drawing 3
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Drawing 4   Drawing 5   Drawing 6


Voices of The EarthEverglades Animals to Color



Book 1 (PDF)   Book 2 (PDF)