Fix Florida Power and Light’s Cooling System

FPL's Turkey Point nuclear power plant is cooled by outdated technology that has been polluting our waters.

FPL's Turkey Point nuclear power plant is cooled by failed technology that has threatened a national park for years, commandeering fresh water resources that belong to the Everglades ecosystem. It is time for FPL to solve its problem — known for decades — once and for all: decommission the outdated cooling canals and replace them with conventional towers. 


The fish and wildlife in our Everglades are being poisoned by the highest concentrations of toxic mercury anywhere in the world. The only way to fix this problem is at the source: by reversing the mismanagement of Florida’s freshwater resources to give the Everglades a real chance for restoration.


For than 200 scientists agree: the single most important step towards Everglades restoration requires purchase of at least 60,000 acres of land now in sugarcane production in order to build cleansing marshes and treatment areas. Fixing the Everglades in this way will also revive local economies and create jobs around Lake Okeechobee, as small businesses rise around restored wetlands, wildlife, and tourism-related commerce.



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    I grew up in South Florida. I spent many hours in and around the Everglades and it is truly sad what is happening to such a wonderful wilderness. I now live in Oregon and deal with the challenges of environmental impact here as well.

    Our environment is all we have. It is what actually sustains us. Please do all possible to restore and then forever protect this wonderful place.

    Tom Keys
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    Save the Everglades!
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