Here’s to the “women who did not let what people imagined they were limit who they became.”
— Saya Woolfalk

This Women’s Equality Day, we have news to share.

Of roughly 5,200 monuments in this country, fewer than 400 are dedicated to women. That imbalance inspired the video-streaming company Hulu to create three new public monuments — including one dedicated to Friends of the Everglades founder Marjory Stoneman Douglas. We are ecstatic.

Hulu’s monuments will honor the contributions of three American women who dramatically shaped our culture through their commitments to inspire lasting and impactful change. In addition to the monument honoring Majory Stoneman Douglas, Hulu is creating monuments to Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Coretta Scott King.

Artist mock-up of monument design.

The permanent monument, “Marjory Stoneman Douglas: Chapel for A River of Grass” will be built at Peacock Park in Coconut Grove — just minutes from Marjory’s home where she lived for 70 years. It is expected to open later this year. The dome-like structure, created by artist Saya Woolfalk, features intricate details alluding to Florida’s vast and wild Everglades. It will serve as a touchstone to Marjory’s storied history as well as a peaceful place to sit surrounded by the nature that inspired her many years of activism.

It’s in large part because of Marjory’s character, charisma, and unfaltering dedication that the Everglades are viewed today as an irreplaceable treasure of national and world significance. The honor of this new monument will ensure that her legacy is memorialized for public reflection for many years to come.

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