Even as we learn more about the detrimental effects of breathing in the smoke and soot from the burning cane fields, it’s clear SB 88 represents an invaluable gift to the sugar industry.

Today, Friends of the Everglades sent a letter to Gov. DeSantis requesting a veto of SB 88.

The bill that would enact sweeping new protections for Florida farmers, shielding them from “nuisance lawsuits,” sits on Gov. Desantis’ desk right now awaiting his signature.

The bill effectively protects “Big Sugar” from legal action related to its harmful impacts, like the class-action suit filed by residents of the Glades communities who argue that sugarcane burning causes long-term health problems. Though smoke from the burning cane fields can travel for upwards of 20 miles, SB 88 stipulates that only those who live within half a mile of the agricultural operation could challenge its harmful impact on property values in court.

You can join us in voicing support for a veto of Senate Bill 88 — a bill that could ultimately insulate the sugar industry from the harm it causes and might cause in the future. Use the button below to send a pre-formatted letter to Gov. DeSantis today.