Why didn't we throw tomatoes at Ernie Marks? (From Bullsugar)

Last week, Marks, executive director of the South Florida Water Management District, faced a crowded room at a Rivers Coalition meeting in Stuart.   Continue reading

Action Alert - ask your Commissioner to keep the 836 extension inside the Urban Development Boundary!

We need your help- the Urban Development Boundary is under attack again! Continue reading

SB10 on Track to Fail (From Bullsugar)

Right now billions of gallons of fertilizer, sewage, and legacy pollution from Lake Okeechobee are spewing into the St. Lucie River, carrying a new threat of toxic algae. Water managers may say Irma left them no choice, but of course that’s a half-truth, at best. Continue reading

Email Scandal Exposes Sugar's Big Lie (from Bullsugar)

Email records prove that a U.S. Sugar lobbyist has been directing policy at a state agency. Continue reading

How US Sugar Will Buy Your Town (From Bullsugar)

Sugar isn’t the only corrupt industry that can buy communities to silence complaints about its pollution. But it might be the only one that gets taxpayers to pick up the cost. Continue reading

Sugar is using our land. We need it back. (From Bullsugar)

The key to making the EAA reservoir work might have been under our feet all along. Continue reading

Independent science under attack by the State of Florida (from Eye on Miami)

When it comes to using independent science to affirm what is happening in the real world, the State of Florida is abdicating its responsibility. Continue reading

Florida's Secret Mercury Factory (by Alan Farago)

Remember how Big Sugar said the problem in Florida’s estuaries was septic tanks adjacent to the Indian River? They say the same about the mercury problem in the Everglades and Florida waterways: it’s someone else’s fault. Not of course that Big Sugar fails to clean up its pollution.   Continue reading

Hold the Line on the Urban Development Boundary!

Let Miami-Dade County know Transportation/Mobility is important! Every seven years, the Comprehensive Development Master Plan (CDMP) is reviewed and updated as required per Chapter 163 of the Florida Statutes, a process known as an Evaluation and Appraisal Report (EAR). EAR includes an evaluation of the progress the county has made in implementing the goals, objectives, policies, maps and text of the CDMP, and also recommends changes.Help shape the future of Miami-Dade County! Your vision can make a difference. Attend a workshop, take the EAR2018 Survey or email your comments. Continue reading