On September 2, 2020, following a unprecedented fish kill, Friends of the Everglades joined Miami Waterkeeper and dozens of representatives from science and education institutions and environmental organizations in signing a consensus statement that calls for the following remedies for Biscayne Bay: 

  • Curtail sewage leaks
  • Convert septic tanks to centralized wastewater treatment
  • Clean and treat stormwater
  • Reduce fertilizer overuse.

While we recognize that many of these solutions will take concerted time, effort, and money to complete, we sincerely feel it is inexcusable that, in the face of Biscayne Bay’s near-death state, Miami-Dade County has yet to pass a fertilizer ordinance. In Florida, 139 municipalities and 32 counties have passed fertilizer ordinances since 2007. Just over half of municipal ordinances include rainy season bans. Miami-Dade is one of the last regions without an ordinance. This is low-hanging fruit. We join the call for an immediate ordinance to be put in place and encourage quick action to establish larger restoration efforts to protect Biscayne Bay more permanently.

Will you sign? Add your name to help us protect this treasured waterway and show support for a strong fertilizer ordinance.


You can CLICK HERE to read our letter to Mayor Giménez and Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners in full.