Tell Governor DeSantis that you oppose the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) draft permit for FPL’s Turkey Point plant. If issued, this permit would allow FPL’s leaking cooling canal system to continue to pollute the Biscayne Aquifer – our drinking water resource – and allow FPL’s pollution to continue migrating into Biscayne National Park and Florida Keys Marine Sanctuary.


Turkey Point’s antiquated cooling canal system has been leaking pollution into the environment for decades, now documented in surface waters. If this permit is issued, this pollution will continue to degrade water quality. 

Ask Governor DeSantis to stand up to FPL and say NO to a permit to pollute! Click here to send an email to Governor DeSantis.

This flawed permit was issued as former Governor Scott left office during a federal government shutdown. A careful review is needed, not a rush job that protects a corporate polluter’s short-term profits at the expense of South Florida’s long-term sustainability. 

Governor DeSantis is pushing for a strong water quality and Everglades-focused agenda – issuing this permit, with no required change to the facility, directly conflicts with these goals and those outlined for adjacent Everglades restoration projects.

Send a letter to Governor DeSantis TODAY by clicking here. Ask him to say NO to a permit to pollute!