Sign on to the Now or Neverglades Declaration

Buy the land and send the water south!

For the Everglades ecosystem to survive we need water flowing south from Lake Okeechobe and we need that water to be clean. Right now we are sending too much polluted water east and west into the St. Lucie and Caloosahatchee estuaries, causing massive algal blooms and environmental damage. 2014’s Amendment One provided the funding to buy the land needed to hold and clean water south of the Lake, but this year only a quarter of the money allocated has been proposed to be spent and it has been proposed for South Florida Water Management District, not for land buys.


We know what needs to be done and Floridians have already voted for the funding to make it happen. Buy the land and send the water south! 


(Credit Guardians of Martin County)

Will you sign?

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