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Tell South Florida water managers to buy U.S. Sugar Corp. land while they can!

Friends, One of the biggest issues facing Everglades restoration in 2015 is the State’s decision whether or not to buy 46,800 acres of land south of Lake Okeechobee from U.S. Sugar Corp. before the option expires this October. Phosphorus and sulfur runoff from the sugar industry are polluting the Everglades, leading to ecosystem collapse and…  Read the Rest»

February 5, 2015 in Conservation, Environmental Issues, Legal Actions, News and Media, Take Action by

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Friends of the Everglades 2014 End-Of-Year Newsletter

      Dear Friends of the Everglades, This is the time of year to ask for your continued financial support of Friends of the Everglades ( Your contributions allow us to continue our twin missions: to educate school-age students in Miami-Dade and to compel government to follow its own laws protecting the Everglades. By…  Read the Rest»

December 20, 2014 in Conservation, Environmental Issues, News and Media, Take Action by

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Please sign our petition to Whole Foods to stop the purchase of sugar produced in the State of Florida

Sugar produced in Florida does not meet the corporate standards for sustainable agriculture that are embraced by Whole Foods. You can help make a difference for restoration of America’s Everglades through pressure on the region’s largest polluting industry. Our campaign begins with Whole Foods.

November 20, 2014 in Conservation, Take Action by

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An open letter to Whole Foods Market Inc.

To: Whole Foods Regional Procurement RE: Request to stop purchasing and to remove from stores sugar produced in Florida Friends of the Everglades requests that Whole Foods stop selling sugar produced in Florida; products that fail to meet Whole Foods’ high standards. On the Whole Foods website, consumers are informed about what organic means. ”Organic…  Read the Rest»

July 24, 2014 in Conservation, Environmental Issues, Take Action by

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2014 Friends of the Everglades bus tour

  Friends of the Everglades ( is offering a day long Everglades adventure on Saturday, March 8th (cost, $50 per person for a guided tour of what experts call the most comprehensive ecosystem restoration project in the world).   The Friends of the Everglades trip, by comfortable tour bus, will take a route from Miami towards Lake…  Read the Rest»

February 17, 2014 in Conservation, Education, Events by

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