Please sign our petition to Whole Foods to stop the purchase of sugar produced in the State of Florida

by | November 20, 2014 | Conservation, Take Action   

Sugar produced in Florida does not meet the corporate standards for sustainable agriculture that are embraced by Whole Foods. You can help make a difference for restoration of America’s Everglades through pressure on the region’s largest polluting industry. Our campaign begins with Whole Foods.

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  1. by Walt O' Brien

    On May 20, 2016

    As a Florida resident and a sea kayaker I see the damage brought to our exisystems bytheUS Suagar companies and their political enablers. There are cost effective and practical ways US Sugar can and should help both the Everglades and the St Lucie and Caloosahatchi River systems as well as the near Gulf marine environment. You, Whole Foods, can help. It is the rightthing to do.

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